About the author

This page was created mostly to try out some new web designing techniques. Then, my playing around with photoshop mockups and css based structures evolved into something I actually wanted to put into use. I guess this is pretty common for me; getting curious about something (usually something involving technology), deciding to learn just a little more about this something, and from that point on I'm pretty much lost to the world until I feel I know everything about the something that is worth knowing.

Besides designing web sites and graphics I love working with software. It's not only the programming part that facinates me, but the whole process of designing a program for a certain task (preferably a task involving real time control) and implementing it to see that it actually works. There are few things in the world more satisfying than solving problems, and I'm feeling lucky being able to do so on a daily basis.

I'm guessing that the previous sections makes me look like a complete geek? Sure, I admit to be a bit geeky when it comes to computers and electronics, but I've always tried to even out the geekiness with sports and other 'non-screen' related activities. Lately, I've been really into photography and off pist skiing, which I find being a great combination as skiing might take you to breath taking locations. One of these locations can be seen in the background of the home menu item of this site. As with all the menu images, that's me in the foreground. Note that beard and mustach is not part of my everyday looks.

Education and Projects

My technical education started at Kilden VGS in Larvik where I studied electronics for two years. The cheerful years at Kilden were followed by a year with academics and a year in the military. To me, the latter was interesting for about two months and from then on a complete waste of time. I even started writing poems to pass time. Unfortunately, the collection was never published.

After the military I was eager to continue studying and went to HIVE in Tønsberg to extend my knowledge about electronics. Three years later I received my bachelor degree and considered myself an expert in micro controller programming and circuit design. By then I had alredy tested my skills in several projects, both at HIVE and for a company named Delta RCS.

Still, I wanted to learn more and went to NTNU in Trondheim to study technical cybernetics. With my background and interest for real-time systems, 'dedicated computer systems' was the obvious specialization candidate. This included courses like operating system design, embedded systems, real-time systems, real-time programming, advanced real-time system theory, and of course courses related to modelling, optimisation and control. Both my master and pre-master projects were carried out in cooperation with ABB and Statoil. Visit the WSN page for more information.


After graduating from NTNU with a Master of Science degree, I started looking for a job involving control systems. The perfect job was found in Ålesund - a beautiful city at the west coast of Norway. I still thank Industrial Control Design (ICD) (my employer) for bringing me to this part of the country, and for providing me with highly interesting and challenging work.

The main product of ICD is the Control Design Platform (CDP) - a collection of C++ libraries and tools providing a cross platform framework for control system development. We like to call it plug-n-play for control systems due to its dynamic component based structure.

Wireless Projects

I have completed several projects involving wireless communication. Visit the WSN page for more information and downloadable documents. Among the papers you will find my master thesis and pre-master assignment.


I am just getting started, but the more photos I shoot, the more hooked I get. Reason why? Photography just makes you more aware of the things around you, always looking for the money shot. Visit the gallery for a taste of my early attempts.

Web and Graphics

Designing websites and graphics have been one of my top hobbies since 1996. I recall using Notepad and HotDog for coding HTML, while Paintshop Pro and Photoshop were my favourite tools for creating graphics. Check out the Web Design page for a historical overview of my work and progress over the years.