The Photo Gallery

The photo gallery was initially going to include a collection of my greatest shots. However, if I were only to include such images there would be very litte for you people to look at. To be able to add anything at all, I've decided to add a little of everything. Hopefully, you won't get too disappointed.

Most of the photos on these pages have been photographed with my Nikon D80 and a standard AF-S 18-55mm VR objective. I am planning to upgrade the objective shortly, but glass is just too expensive for making bad decisions. I want something that is good enough to an affordable price.

Evening at Mølen

Posted on June 14th 2009

Gallery containing landscape photos from Mølen, taken on Mars 15th 2009. The first time I've ever used a tripod.

Offpist on Middagshornet

Posted on June 14th 2009

The photos in this gallery were snapped during an offpist skiing trip to Midagshornet on January 31th 2009.

Photos from Ålesund

Posted on June 14th 2009

Various landscape and evening photos from Ålesund shot in 2006 and 2007. The gallery includes both winter and summer photos.