Facinating Cratures

I've always been facinated by the wonders of nature and all the peculiar creatures that inhabit this earth. There are so many animals that are still unknown and new species are discovered every day. Currently, more than 1.8 million species of animals have been given scientific names and the number keeps increasing. The actual number of species are probably many times that number and thus I'm looking forward to getting even more facinated in the years to come.

Red Eyed Tree Frogs

Posted on December 27th 2009

Ever since I saw a red eyed tree frog at the Universeum in Gøteborg, these reptiles have been special to me. They are as small as a human thumb and looks ever so cute. Click the picture to view an article at the National Geographics.


Posted on December 27th 2009

The frogfish is a type of anglerfish that has recently caught my attention. These fishes actually got legs and are using them to walk/manoeuvre around on the seabed/reefs. Check out this movie to see how it works.

Amazone Dolphins

Posted on December 27th 2009

The boto is a freshwater dolphin located in the river systems of south america. Due to their pink skin and human-like appearance they have given birth to lots of myths and legends. Among other things, they are said to be lords of an underwater city of gold.